HR Directors Love eScreenz

You manage the organization's most important resource: its people. You also manage all the information that each of them needs to know, from benefits to company policy changes. What if there was a way to make that job easier?

eScreenz is a better way to communicate everywhere with everyone. 

This internal communication solution uses desktops, laptops, digital displays and mobile devices to reach everyone in your organization. Effectively and securely communicate throughout the enterprise or by departments.

Improve HR Communications

Onboarding is the process where first impressions are made. Improved onboarding is linked closely to better employee retention. With eScreenz, welcome new employees with a slide that features their photo, name and title. Both onsite and remote staff will recognize and welcome them.

What if the Open Enrollment process could be made more efficient? eScreenz lets you create a slide - or several - with a link to more information. Keep deadline reminders running daily.

Do your messages about the latest policy change get lost in email inboxes? Imagine an eScreenz slide with that message running daily to remind everyone. 

Is compliance an issue? Take a look at how eScreenz can guarantee that a message is read and acknowledged. Unfortunately, the world we live in is sometimes dangerous and unpredictable. Use eScreenz Urgent Noticiations to keep employees out of harm’s way.

Run wellness campaigns, announce benefit options, welcome new employees and give one-click access to your most requested documents. eScreenz is HR's favorite communication solution because HR is in the employee communication business.

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