Sales Teams Love eScreenz

When a sales team has a process to reach sales goals and celebrates achievements along the way, companies flourish.  What if there was a better way to get the whole team on the same page?

eScreenz is a better way for your department to communicate with each other and with the entire company. 

This internal communication solution uses desktops, laptops, digital displays and mobile devices. Effectively and securely communicate throughout the enterprise or by departments.

Improve Sales Team Communications

Did the current price promotion with the deadline get buried in email inboxes? eScreenz offers on-demand access for the team to this information, and it can keep running until scheduled to unpublish at a specific date and time.

Is there a file on the Intranet the team uses frequently, but it's difficult to navigate to? An eScreenz clickable slide provides one-click access to often-used documents that are hard to find.

eScreenz is Sales' favorite communication solution because it provides a single place to keep the team focused on what's important day-to-day and is a perfect outlet to share wins and accomplishments with everyone.

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