Active Directory Security Groups

To manage which active directory security groups are available to publishers and administrators, click on the Available Domain Groups menu in the Administrator dropdown.

You can add a group by clicking on the Add Group link. You must type the exact name of the group including the domain. The format is the domain name followed by a \ followed by the group name like this: domainname\groupname.

If you need to correct the spelling of a group, click edit, make your correction, and then click save.

You can also delete a group if it is no longer needed.

Note that in the publisher's dialogs, only the group name will show, the domain name and backslash will not be shown.

New for version 2.4:

  • There are two tabs. The In Use tab shows AD Security Groups already authorized, while the Available tab shows all other AD Security Groups that have been reported by EScreenz™ clients
  • The easiest way to add groups is by clicking on the Available tab, and clicking the check box next to the group you want to add.