Customize Email Messages

Navigate to the Manage Text Templates page by clicking on the Text Templates menu on the Administrator dropdown menu.

You can modify the New User Email, and the text in the Password Recovery Email by clicking on the corresponding Edit button.

Note that there are a few special fields that you can use to personalize the messages.

For email, you can use the following fields:




This is replace by the name of the this application.


This is replace by the actual URL that users will use to log into your administrative screens    


This is replaced by your company name.


This is replaced by the URL for your website.


This is replaced by the user's actual name, not his login username.


This is replaced by the username that this user should use to log in.


This is replaced by the user's password.

If you are familiar with HTML, you can clcik on the HTML tab at the bottom of the screen and edit the HTML in the template. While this gives your more capability, you need to be careful to create valid HTML or unexpected results may occur.