Manage Users

Navigate to the Manage Users page by clicking on the Manage Users menu within the Membership section of the Administrator dropdown menu. Then you can create and manage users.

Create a New User
Click on Administrator, then Membership, then Manage Users

  1. Click on the New User link

  2. Fill in the fields

    NOTE: You don't need to fill in the Active Directory Identity unless you are hosting EScreenz at your location, and you have single sign-on configured

  3. Click on the Create link.

Control what a users can do

  1. Click on the Edit link in the row of the user you would like to modify

  2. Use the User Info tab to change their first and last name, email address, whether they are approved (i.e. can log in), and update their password.

  3. Use the Roles tab to determine which role(s) (Adminstrtor, Author, and Publisher, and Report Viewer) the user is a member of.

Delete a User
You can delete a user by clicking on the Delete link in the row they are in. Once you delete a user, you will need to recreate that user before they can access the system again.