Schedule a Slideshow

To set a Publish and/or Unpublish date for an existing slideshow, locate it, click Edit and follow steps 6-11.

Set a Publish and/or Unpublish Date for a New Slideshow

  1. Click New Slideshow in Quick Links

  2. Fill in slideshow properties

  3. If you are uploading a ZIP folder, click Upload 

    • Locate the slideshow in the Working mode and click Edit

    • Follow steps 6-11

  4. To add a single slide, click the Slides tab and click New Slide

  5. Fill out the properties and click Create Slide

  6. Click the Schedule tab

  7. Click Schedule Publish

  8. Select either One Time or Recurring

  9. Enter publish date and time. Optionally enter unpublish date and time, and then and click Schedule

  10. Click Update to save the new schedule, or click Update and Publish if you want to save the schedule and immediately publish the slideshow