Urgent Notification

There are two ways to send an Urgent Notification:

The first method is for sending a text based message in a single screen to all eScreenz users.

  1. In the dashboard's quick links section, click on immediate notification.

  2. Enter the text in the form and then click publish.

  3. Click on Yes in the confirmation popup.

  4. Note: You can use the groups tab to restrict this urgent notification to specific active directory security groups.

The second method is provided so you can have a number of prepared slide shows for different types of situations. 

  1. Prepare the slide shows ahead of time, and set the Immediate Notification property for each slide show.

  2. When you want it to appear on user screens simply publish the slide show.

Note that when you use the first method, eScreenz creates a slideshow with a single slide, puts your message in that slideshow, and then publishes it. You can see the slide show in the Published Slideshows screen.