eScreenz™ Overview

eScreenz™ makes it easy to create slideshows and publish them to all or selected groups of desktops, laptops, cell phones, tablets, and large digital signs in your organization.
You can create any number of slide shows, and each can be published separately.


Four Slide Types


Created in PowerPoint*
Users click or move the mouse to close the screensaver

Clickable Image

Created in PowerPoint*
Users click on the slide which opens their Internet browser and closes eScreenz™
Send users to any specific web or intranet page


Created in eScreenz™
Only contains text
Mainly for Urgent Notifications

Web Page

Created in eScreenz™
eScreenz™ displays any web page
Users interact with the web page within the screensaver
If the page has a form, users can fill and submit it

Urgent Notification Feature
The Urgent Notification feature provides the capability to send a message to all users or a specific group of users for that will display almost immediately. Rather than waiting for the screensaver to display, the message is immediately displayed on the screen. The user can return to the task they were performing by using the escape key.


Force Acknowledge Feature
The Force Acknowledge feature provides the capability to require users to click an acknowledge button on specific slides before proceeding. The data about who clicked on which slide, when, and on which pc is sent back to the eScreenz™ Content Server, and can be displayed in a flexible report with filtering, sorting, and grouping. 


Archive and Restore
The Archive area operates like the recycle bin. Both slideshows and individual slides can be archived and later restored.

User Types: Authors, Publishers, and Administrators
Authors create and edit slideshows, but can not publish them. Publishers also create and edit slideshows, and in addition publish and unpublish slideshows. Administrators perform all actions that Authors and Publishers can. They can also add new users and assign them rights as Authors, Publishers or Administrators.

*Or other design program. eScreenz™ supports JPG, PNG and GIF.